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The Blend Roaster – About Us

There’s something special about the moment you take a sip of a truly great cup of coffee. Whether it gives you that jolt of energy you need, relaxes you for a night in, or transports you to a memory in your life, there’s magic in each cup. The Blend Roaster is here to give you that experience with specialty blends made from around the world.

Our founder began this one-of-a-kind venture after spending the last 35 years in Logistic Sales. Now, he devotes his time and energy to his true passion of spreading joy through incredible coffee products. What truly sets The Blend Roaster apart is our dedication to quality and international offerings. We partner with suppliers from regions around the world so that everyone has access to the coffee that they desire most.

For many, coffee is much more than a drink to get you through the long days. This remarkable drink can take you back to special moments in your life with just one sip. From unforgettable vacations to a hometown blend you can’t find anywhere else; The Blend Roaster is here to give you the grinds you’ve been searching for with ease. Finally, you can bring home those flavors you’ve been longing for from the coffee made uniquely by true artisans.

As a trusted wholesaler, we understand the importance of the partnerships we build. That’s why we only work with ethical, high-quality suppliers. Our international colleagues are dedicated to providing only the very best beans available from their respective corners of the earth. They are delicious and affordable, which is why we are proud to stand by them!

We are thrilled to be able to give you the blends you’ve been looking for. If you’re looking to try something new, we offer a fantastic sample pack of our best sellers to get you started. No matter how you choose to shop with us, The Blend Roaster is ready to fill your coffee cravings with the finest cups of joe from around the world!